Cool Thinking, Inc.

Digital Photography QTVR Stitching and Mapping Graphic Animation Flash

Cool Thinking offers clients the services of creative direction and image design, digital photograhy, QTVR stitching and mapping, graphic animation and flash animation.

Creative Direction
All graphics and visual interface elements need to function well while they maintain and extend your brand. Use Cool Thinking to develop your visual direction!

Digital Photography:
Call Cool Thinking when you need digital photography for the web! 360
° QTVR movies and 180° panoramas are available as well as static imagery.

QTVR Stitching and Mapping:
Presents an interactive panel which the viewer can use to view the virtual environment in 360
° as they turn through the scene. Mapping allows the viewer to navigate through linked scenes by clicking on key areas.

Graphic Animation:
Cool Thinking offers vector and gif animations as well more complex interactive pieces.

Flash and Shockwave:
Expand your web presence to include the full range of vector based navigation, interface, educational and recreational gaming, and functional navigation.

Scripting and CSS:
For environments where
the scope of work requires:

  • Complete and flexible data integration
  • Document and archive management
  • Flash is not an option



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